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Ahhhhh Fall is Approaching





How time flies, my last post was during the sweltering heat and now the leaves are turning and the weather for the moment is cooler (thank goodness).  Things are still burning up in my studio as I have been busy with my favorite medium of encaustic waxes.  The above slideshow is of some recent work that I have submitted for entry in a new local medical center that wants to display art from local artists.  If accepted this will be a fabulous forum for getting some recognition and more people to see my work.  I desperately hope my next post won’t be that I wasn’t accepted.  My dear husband has entered some of his oil paintings as well which I am very proud of (see below as I will add some of his painting pics).

As an artist (in training) it is so hard to have your work judged by others yet, I believe it brings one down to earth sometimes.  I do believe it is very subjective by the person judging as to what they like and try not to take it to personally but deep down it is bothersome.  Recently at a local gallery I belong to we had a juried show and the piece that was selected as first place winner was not my taste at all.  The pieces that weren’t selected had some very beautiful paintings and I have to wonder what goes through their minds during the selection process.  I could never be a judge, would be too hard to choose, especially when you know how the artists who aren’t chosen feel.

I wish I had a bigger following on my blog as I would like to know how others feel about trying to create art knowing how expensive it is.  I just used up 5 lbs. of wax that I just purchased and find it difficult to buy more as it is so expensive but I have so many ideas running through my head.  I know what starving artists means.  You can’t make art and expect to make money that is for sure.

Well that’s all my thoughts for now, more later. Below are my a few of my husband’s oil paintings.  Isn’t he wonderful!!