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OMG how has a year passed

4_Karen_ Boatright_ Tales to Tell__Encaustic Paints_26x21in framed 3_Karen Boatright_Sea Beauty II_16.5x19.5_Encaustic wax with shellac burn 2_Karen Boatright_Pear in Wax_18x24_coffee filters waxed-encaustic medium-alcohol inks 1_Karen Boatright_Sea Beauty_14x11_encaustic wax with shellac burn






How could it possibly be over a year since I have posted. Not sure what I’ve been doing but time has flown. My grandchildren are a year older as well as myself. My knees hurt a little more but I’m appreciative of being able to get out of bed everyday. This is short but I am going to make an effort to post again soon. enjoy the new pics and let me know what you think.