Addicticted to Felting

I seem to have been bitten by the felting bug.  My husband and I have traveled to three states visiting fiber festivals.  I gathered information, supplies and new friends.  I have joined the Southern Shore Art Association and been accepted as a member and have gained new friends there as well.  I will be co-chairing the September Art Show and helping with the special needs art class.  My felt work seems to have been well accepted and have even sold a couple of pieces.  These are my latest pieces that will be exhibited at the SSAA during August.  On one I used a scrap of felt I made for the background of a journal page, for Paper Traders Round Robin Journal Challenge, the other is a Bird House and finally an abstract piece.   I hope you all enjoy them as I have making them.


About kboat

I’m a native of La Porte, Indiana. When I was growing up we didn’t have much money, so I made my gifts for others with materials I found out and around. I loved it. And I have to say I was pretty good at it. People always liked what I gave them. I went to work for 26 years as an employee of a major asphalt paving company. I began as a secretary and eventually made my way to office manager. Needless to say I mostly only dreamed about my art - filling my mind with many ideas. Although the company did take advantage of my skills once in a while. For example, I created in-house materials for an open house. I loved “keeping my hand in” whenever an opportunity presented itself. Then I retired. And ... funny thing ... all those pent-up ideas I used to dream about began to roll out. I joined ATC (Artists Trading Cards) on line, I took classes and tutorials and learned about the processes of creating art. Today, I pursue these learning opportunities to open myself to new ideas and techniques. I also love opportunities to assist in classes for special populations. I find I learn a lot from those who have no preconceptions about what they should be doing. I’m eager to learn new things. Mostly I don’t have any idea what I set out to make. I simply let the ideas find me. The result is a wide variety of media and expression triggered by my experiences in every-day life. I hope you enjoy my work. View all posts by kboat

3 responses to “Addicticted to Felting

  • aimeslee

    Hey Karen! Just wanted to check in on ya and see how you were. Gosh, your felting adventures are rocking along. I feel a bit out of touch as I’ve never been into felting…I know it’s a huge passion of Emily Falconbridge’s…and yours. That’s it. But, I’m happy that you are happy. Miss you in paperland, tho. xoxo

  • Cathy Calamas

    Karen, these are fantastic!! I especially love the abstract one.Sounds like your talented is being recognized. How thrilling!
    I used to work with special needs kids (past 5 years). Retired now but I miss them so much!!

  • Karen

    Thank you Cathy, I love that one as well, I have hung it in my living room.

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