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The hustle and bustle is over and though there is a slight let down, I have been able to go to my studio and start making art again.  Art that I want to make and feel free to make.  Just going into my room and cleaning up from making Christmas gifts was so relaxing and fun.  Why is it that when there is no pressure to do something it seems fun and not like a burden?  You can see my new ATC’s for trade on my Flickr site []

Started my first journal and am excited.  I titled it  “If I wasn’t such a lady”.  My pages are going to be posted here as I create them.  The first page and cover are pictured above.  My first page is that I wouldn’t have lived in a fragile Eden.  I remember when I was about 11 and came into puberty that on my first day of my cycle my mother seemed so put off and told me that I HAD to be a women now and couldn’t sit on the couch with my feet up.  That was so disturbing and like a “curse” had been put on me.  I never forgot those words.  When my two daughters came of age I bought them gifts and told them how beautiful they were and we celebrated being a woman.  No passing the sins of our mothers to them.  I think my mother (no, I KNOW my mother) liked the boys better, no dealing with those so called problems of womanhood I guess.  Funny how such little things can affect us.

I hope if you are reading this you will come back for the next excerpt.  The other picture posted is a 8 x 10 mixed media canvas about “The House of the Seven Gables”


About kboat

I’m a native of La Porte, Indiana. When I was growing up we didn’t have much money, so I made my gifts for others with materials I found out and around. I loved it. And I have to say I was pretty good at it. People always liked what I gave them. I went to work for 26 years as an employee of a major asphalt paving company. I began as a secretary and eventually made my way to office manager. Needless to say I mostly only dreamed about my art - filling my mind with many ideas. Although the company did take advantage of my skills once in a while. For example, I created in-house materials for an open house. I loved “keeping my hand in” whenever an opportunity presented itself. Then I retired. And ... funny thing ... all those pent-up ideas I used to dream about began to roll out. I joined ATC (Artists Trading Cards) on line, I took classes and tutorials and learned about the processes of creating art. Today, I pursue these learning opportunities to open myself to new ideas and techniques. I also love opportunities to assist in classes for special populations. I find I learn a lot from those who have no preconceptions about what they should be doing. I’m eager to learn new things. Mostly I don’t have any idea what I set out to make. I simply let the ideas find me. The result is a wide variety of media and expression triggered by my experiences in every-day life. I hope you enjoy my work. View all posts by kboat

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