First Times


Above is my first attempt at a weekly challenge on the Digital Nuts Group.  Firsts at anything are hard for me, I want the feedback but at the same time it is a scary thing to have unknown people look at my work.  I do like this piece but will be waiting with bated breath to see if anyone comments.

I have another first coming up that is really making me nervous.  I have been asked to be the guest speaker at a Library group who is going to be doing ATC’s.  My brother told someone there that I do these and they want me to be the person to give them directions on making these little pieces of art.  I said yes because in my old age I am beginning to try to step out of my comfort zone and complete personal challenges.  This certainly is a big step for me.  I know I will sweat profusely.  I have always wanted to try creating an altered journal book as well and I am about to make my first two pages for a swap I entered.  I am nervous about that as well.  It’s hard to make something and send it to someone I don’t know.  I always wonder how my swaps are received.  It’s so different trading as someone see’s my work first and requests it so they know what they are getting but if I could only be a fly on the wall when my swaps reach their intended target.  Was my art a success?  I am beginning to appreciate first times.


“The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”
…Bette Midler


About kboat

I’m a native of La Porte, Indiana. When I was growing up we didn’t have much money, so I made my gifts for others with materials I found out and around. I loved it. And I have to say I was pretty good at it. People always liked what I gave them. I went to work for 26 years as an employee of a major asphalt paving company. I began as a secretary and eventually made my way to office manager. Needless to say I mostly only dreamed about my art - filling my mind with many ideas. Although the company did take advantage of my skills once in a while. For example, I created in-house materials for an open house. I loved “keeping my hand in” whenever an opportunity presented itself. Then I retired. And ... funny thing ... all those pent-up ideas I used to dream about began to roll out. I joined ATC (Artists Trading Cards) on line, I took classes and tutorials and learned about the processes of creating art. Today, I pursue these learning opportunities to open myself to new ideas and techniques. I also love opportunities to assist in classes for special populations. I find I learn a lot from those who have no preconceptions about what they should be doing. I’m eager to learn new things. Mostly I don’t have any idea what I set out to make. I simply let the ideas find me. The result is a wide variety of media and expression triggered by my experiences in every-day life. I hope you enjoy my work. View all posts by kboat

4 responses to “First Times

  • terri d.


    Your blog is lovely and this piece just made me smile from ear to ear! The bright bold colors behind the ballerinas is just perfect. It really makes the dancers pop off the page and they are so elegant and graceful!
    Also, you will be fine when you are the guest speaker for the library group. ATC’s are such fun to make. “Little masterpieces” is how I refer to them. They are small and quick and represent what you like at the time you make it. I bet you will have a blast teaching these ladies and even more fun once you see how many you get hooked on making them! Oh, you are going to have so much fun!!

    Hope you have a happy creative day!

    Terri 🙂

  • Keron Lee

    Kaz – I think that your composition is great – some improvements could be to break up the colour a little to create more interest……….ie in the dark section under the dancers, add a heavy ‘blackish’ damask patterning over the darker tones, so it’s more obvious where the dancers begin, also, I think I would be more inclined to give the appearance of the ‘pointy triangle ends’ of the ‘colour shards’ pointing outward, by using a ‘black matt’ instead of a light one. Just some thoughts. xK

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