The Hoarder in me!

altered me

altered me

I wonder if when I created this picture, my mind was trying to tell me something?  Is my life in turmoil as the effect I chose to run?  Do I need to declutter, destress, de-whatever?

I watched a bit of the TV show Hoarders tonight and I suddenly thought omg that could be my “studio”!  What is it about those of us who like altered art that we find the need to save every little piece of paper, every scrap of fiber, used boxes, cardboard from packing, useless magazines, well you get the picture.  I used the term “us”, is it just me or does every person, who uses the term artist, like that?  It seems after I started creating art with more of a passion I started looking at everything in a different light.  First see it for what it is and then how can I use that?  First of all I shouldn’t use the term artist, I should be a dablist (dabbler).  I haven’t created anything of great reward, to me or my pocketbook.  But then do any of us really like every piece we create?  I am not in a mood but looking for a change, so guess what I did?  I have just spent 3 hours reorganizing and decluttering my creative space, wait, I mean my STUDIO, yes I dare to say the word because I am going to take charge of that word and the intent behind it.  I am creative, just not organized.  I have four bags of garbage to throw out and more to come.  I took the attitude that if I have had it for years and haven’t thought about using it, it got pitched.  And that was just one corner of my room.  I found stuff I didn’t even know what it was.  I actually have two empty, yes empty, drawers in my little roller cart.  But wait, my next thought after praising myself for cleaning that out was what to best fill it with…(more stuff?).  I hope tomorrow I can keep up the will and desire to reorganize and finish with the rest of my room.  I have to for I have left a big mess on the floor of “stuff” to keep that I need to put back in a better place.  I am looking at things as what I use most versus what I can put in hard to reach places.  Oh and one more thing I did, since I am mostly into creating ATC’s and always in need of a backing card, I dug out my stash of poster board and cut a zillion 2.5 x 3.5 cards, well at least a hundred of them.  So instead of doing as I need them which is always a pain, I have a supply and that made me feel so good.

So anyway, I may need to revisit the self-portrait as I don’t feel so out of control now that I have a plan.  But, I am a bit afraid that the hoarder in me will remain.  However I do feel that I will look at things for what they are and then can I really, really reuse that. 

Here’s to organized hoarding.


About kboat

I’m a native of La Porte, Indiana. When I was growing up we didn’t have much money, so I made my gifts for others with materials I found out and around. I loved it. And I have to say I was pretty good at it. People always liked what I gave them. I went to work for 26 years as an employee of a major asphalt paving company. I began as a secretary and eventually made my way to office manager. Needless to say I mostly only dreamed about my art - filling my mind with many ideas. Although the company did take advantage of my skills once in a while. For example, I created in-house materials for an open house. I loved “keeping my hand in” whenever an opportunity presented itself. Then I retired. And ... funny thing ... all those pent-up ideas I used to dream about began to roll out. I joined ATC (Artists Trading Cards) on line, I took classes and tutorials and learned about the processes of creating art. Today, I pursue these learning opportunities to open myself to new ideas and techniques. I also love opportunities to assist in classes for special populations. I find I learn a lot from those who have no preconceptions about what they should be doing. I’m eager to learn new things. Mostly I don’t have any idea what I set out to make. I simply let the ideas find me. The result is a wide variety of media and expression triggered by my experiences in every-day life. I hope you enjoy my work. View all posts by kboat

One response to “The Hoarder in me!

  • Lisa Purcell

    I try and keep only those things that “speak” to me. If I know I will use it then it stays. Otherwise I can’t create for the clutter. I keep my stuff organized in small trunks and I have a great toolbox. Atop that is a wooden toolbox with lots of thin, narrow drawers. I think my husband covets both of them. I have some small vintage boxes and an antique cabinet that is lined on the inside with some sort of -impervious to mediums- stone. Anyway, I find that liking the things you store your stuff in is vital to the creative spirit. So, organize away. I frequently get ideas while organizing. :))

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