OMG how has a year passed

4_Karen_ Boatright_ Tales to Tell__Encaustic Paints_26x21in framed 3_Karen Boatright_Sea Beauty II_16.5x19.5_Encaustic wax with shellac burn 2_Karen Boatright_Pear in Wax_18x24_coffee filters waxed-encaustic medium-alcohol inks 1_Karen Boatright_Sea Beauty_14x11_encaustic wax with shellac burn






How could it possibly be over a year since I have posted. Not sure what I’ve been doing but time has flown. My grandchildren are a year older as well as myself. My knees hurt a little more but I’m appreciative of being able to get out of bed everyday. This is short but I am going to make an effort to post again soon. enjoy the new pics and let me know what you think.


Ahhhhh Fall is Approaching





How time flies, my last post was during the sweltering heat and now the leaves are turning and the weather for the moment is cooler (thank goodness).  Things are still burning up in my studio as I have been busy with my favorite medium of encaustic waxes.  The above slideshow is of some recent work that I have submitted for entry in a new local medical center that wants to display art from local artists.  If accepted this will be a fabulous forum for getting some recognition and more people to see my work.  I desperately hope my next post won’t be that I wasn’t accepted.  My dear husband has entered some of his oil paintings as well which I am very proud of (see below as I will add some of his painting pics).

As an artist (in training) it is so hard to have your work judged by others yet, I believe it brings one down to earth sometimes.  I do believe it is very subjective by the person judging as to what they like and try not to take it to personally but deep down it is bothersome.  Recently at a local gallery I belong to we had a juried show and the piece that was selected as first place winner was not my taste at all.  The pieces that weren’t selected had some very beautiful paintings and I have to wonder what goes through their minds during the selection process.  I could never be a judge, would be too hard to choose, especially when you know how the artists who aren’t chosen feel.

I wish I had a bigger following on my blog as I would like to know how others feel about trying to create art knowing how expensive it is.  I just used up 5 lbs. of wax that I just purchased and find it difficult to buy more as it is so expensive but I have so many ideas running through my head.  I know what starving artists means.  You can’t make art and expect to make money that is for sure.

Well that’s all my thoughts for now, more later. Below are my a few of my husband’s oil paintings.  Isn’t he wonderful!!

Today’s Works

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Playing with Music







It’s hot outside and it’s hot in my studio, so it goes when you’re working with molten wax.  I embarrassed my husband by making him go with me to a house in our neighborhood who was discarding a shell of a piano.  When I went by and saw it standing there waiting for the trash man, I immediately thought that I needed some of the keys.  I tried to remove them by myself but alas I needed a man’s help.  Enter my embarrassed dear husband.  Picture the shell of this poor piece of trash, no strings, no back, no pedals only the shell with most of the black and white keys still intact.  My husbands first response was that who ever discarded this would be mad that I was taking off the keys…..REALLY????  All I knew was that I had to make something with these keys and thus the piece called Music.  My only regret is that I didn’t take all the keys as I have had so many ideas as to what to do with them since I started.  I did go back that same day once I knew how to get them off but the trash man had already taken it to its new home.

“Proud” was made over Memorial Day as my tribute to our service men and woman of which my husband is a retired Airforce Veteran.  I wanted it to look tattered and torn but strong as are our military personnel returning from war.

I write this blog as I am waiting patiently for my various vessels filled with beautiful wax to melt so I can begin my latest envision.  Stay tuned.

Encaustic Wonders

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Smooth, shiny, intriguing and challenging is how I describe working with encaustics.  The above photos are of my newest passion.  I love the process of the beeswax melting in the various pots.  Waiting for that perfect moment when you can dip your brush into the molten wax and then trying to apply it before it cools and get that smooth coating of brilliant color and texture.

This week I made my own colors to paint with and they turned out beautifully.  My studio is a mess with drips of wax, little pots of color and wax hardened brushes and utensils and I love it.  I continue to look for a way to fit more crock pots and containers to hold all the beautiful colors I have accumulated and trying to figure out new ways to use them.

Stay tuned for more wax adventures

Loving Art

This week has been full of wonderful days of Art. I have submitted two pieces of hand felted work to a woman’s art group and was invited to bring some of my work to a group of women who call themselves “Designing Women”. They are a diverse group who get together and create art of all genres. It was wonderful sharing what I had and learning about each of them and their work. I loved it.

Addicticted to Felting

I seem to have been bitten by the felting bug.  My husband and I have traveled to three states visiting fiber festivals.  I gathered information, supplies and new friends.  I have joined the Southern Shore Art Association and been accepted as a member and have gained new friends there as well.  I will be co-chairing the September Art Show and helping with the special needs art class.  My felt work seems to have been well accepted and have even sold a couple of pieces.  These are my latest pieces that will be exhibited at the SSAA during August.  On one I used a scrap of felt I made for the background of a journal page, for Paper Traders Round Robin Journal Challenge, the other is a Bird House and finally an abstract piece.   I hope you all enjoy them as I have making them.

No sitings of Snookie or The Situation

Went to the Jersey shore for a few days and it was wonderful.  Great weather, had a house only two blocks from the beach and the Boardwalk.  Favorite time was sitting on the porch, no mosquitoes!!!!!  Took a boat trip looking for whales and dolphins.  Saw lots of dolphins but no whales.  It was a long car ride but fun, just me and my dear husband, talking and laughing all the way, and a little sleeping for me.

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